Advanced Features of Excel - Webinar

Microsoft Excel is one of the most common and powerful tool used in every sector. If you know that then you understand that it is very useful for every student & professional to get the advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel. There are some advanced features which are used regularly by professionals to analyse the data fast and interpret the data more easily. Such functions are XLOOKUP /UNIQUE /FILTER /SORT /SEQUENCE /POWER QUERY etc. They are immensely helpful to automate our data accurately and efficiently.

Filing Samadhan presents you a series of three interactive sessions on "Advanced Features of Office 365 Microsoft Excel", presented by the eminent Excel expert and 4 times Microsoft MVP award winner


FEE: INR 699/- only

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Note: You will get the certificate on successful Completion of Webinar Learning.


MICROSOFT/OFFICE 365 is the latest and most recommended version of Excel, filled with vast features. They have changed the working of professional to analyse the data so efficiently that every professional wants to learn and automate the work. Unfortunately, many of us haven't explored what it has to offer. Even most of the advanced users of Excel continue working by the old "manual" way, or the "complex" way with difficult formulas of older versions.

Advanced Functions of Office 365 including Power Query

Who Should Attend : CA Students and Professionals who want to be Excel Pro and want to automate their processes.


  • You may be more Employable
  • One Valuable addition in your CV
  • You will be able to interpret data more efficently

Prerequisite: A Basic knowledge of MS Excel

Important Note: This course is designed for Windows users having Microsoft 365 version of Excel. For Power Query you can work in Excel 2016 and Excel 2019 too.

Salient Features of the Webinar

Understanding New Functions of Microsoft Office 365 with Practical Knowledge

SEQUENCE : Create Sequece of Data with pre logic on any Matrix with single cell formula

XLOOKUP : Ten Times powerful than VLOOKUP, Left or Right any side Lookup, No need of HLOOKUP, IFERROR, INDEX/MATCH

CONCATENATE: It is not a function but a innovative way of adding information.

XNPV AND XIRR: It allows you discount cashflows on specific dates.

UNIQUE: Dynamically create Unique list of Data

SORT : Dynamically Sort data in any order

SORTBY : Sorting Data based on other Columns

FILTER : Automate your reports with Filter without Refresh on Realtime basis.

Unpivot Columns with in seconds from Power Query, which can take hours/days without power query.

Replace complex Excel formulas with a click of a button.

How to perform common data activities with Query session

Compile data from all files in a folder

Quickly get and update data from the web, like share prices, on real time basis

Excel Power Query can handle Millions of rows very efficiently without increasing the size of file.

Create an interactive Excel Dashboard with Power Query, Pivot Tables and slicers

Some interesting Business Cases

  • Create Dynamic Drop Downs in multiple cells which change as we type
  • Create Realtime Dashboard without Pivot
  • Import Data from Website
  • Solution to lots of other business problems which we face in our day to day work.


And these are just a few examples of what it can do! Guess what? You can apply all the knowledge in this course practically which will be a competitive edge over others.