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About Trademark

Trademark is a unique word or symbol which represents a business or its products. Trademark, if registered, the same word of symbol cannot be used by others.

Trademark is the protection which provides the security to the holder of the Trademark that his trademark cannot be used by the others. Trademark not only protects your Brand, Logo and symbol but also gives competitive advantages over its competitor.

A trademark with similar or identical registered Trademark cannot be registered. Further, the trademark which is offensive, generic, deceptive, anti-national, government emblems are not registered.

Trademark in India is registered with Registrar of Trademark and is governed under Trademark Act,1999. Trademark can be registered for a period of 10 years and once registered one can use R symbol. However, the Trademark can be renewed after 10 years. A Trademark once registered becomes the intangible asset of the holders.

Filing Samadhan will assist you in searching the right class of trademark and apply of Trademark.



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