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Private Limited Company Registration Registration

Private Limited Company Registration

About Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration is the most common and popular form of doing business in India. Private Limited Companies formed under the eyes of Law and regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. To Start a Company, minimum 2 directors and Paid-up capital of Rs. 1.00 Lakh is required. Private Limited Company enjoys the benefit of Separate Legal Entity and has the Liabilities of the members is restricted to the extent of their Shares capital. The shareholders are the co-owners of the company which are called members. As per Companies Act 2013, the restriction of members in the Private Limited Company is 200. A private Limited company has a restriction that it can not offer its shares to the public.

Pvt Ltd Company registration is easy in India with simple online procedures. Filing Samadhan will assist you in the easy filing of online company registration without any hassle.

Some of the advantages of a being Private Limited Company are as under:

Limited Liability:- The liability of the Shareholders of the Private Limited company is restricted to the amount unpaid on their shares. Under Proprietorship and Partnership firms the Liability of the Proprietor and Partners are unlimited.

Perpetual Succession:- The company being an Artificial Person cannot die. The company enjoys perpetual Succession. Perpetual succession refers to the continuous succession of a company even after the death of any of the director and/or shareholders.

Separate Legal Entity:- The Private Limited Company is created under the eyes of the Law hence company is an Artificial Person. The company enjoys all the benefits like a natural person. The Company is separate from its Directors and Shareholders.

Capacity to sue and be sued:- The Private Limited Company can initiate the legal proceedings against any person in the courts. The private limited company can sue and be sued in its own name.

Can own Property:- The Private Limited Company enjoys the benefit the Separate Legal Entity, hence can own the property under its own name like a Natural Person.

Easy Transfer of Shares:- The shareholders of the company can easily transfer the shares to anybody. There is a provision under Companies Act, 2013 as regards to Transmission and Transfer of Shares.

Document Required

  •   Electricity Bill
  •   PAN Card of proposed Directors
  •   Passport / Voter ID / Driving Licence / Aadhaar Card
  •   No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner
  •   Latest Photographs of the proposed directors
  •   Electricity / Water / Telephone Bill / Bank Account Statement of the proposed directors


Minimum Shareholders for Setting up a Company

Minimum numbers of shareholders needed to start the business are only 2.

Exception from Certain Statutory Compliances

A private limited company is subject to certain exemptions regarding compliance with regard to Director Remuneration, Unsecured Loans from Directors and General Meetings.

Raising Money

Private Limited Companies can raise capital only by private placement of shares and private deposits.

Perpetual Succession

Company will not be affected with the change of Director or death of any member. It is continuous existence of Organisation despite of any changes.

Capacity to sue and be Sued

Company is a separate legal entity which has the capacity to sue and be sue in its own name as per court of law.

Separate Legal Entity

A company is a separate legal entity that enjoy a distinct entity from its members

Company Name Availability

Companies Act, 2013 does not permit registration of identical or similar names

Pay as you grow pricing



all inclusive fees

Our regular package includes all the essentials to start the Private Limited Company. It includes the following:-

2 Digital Signature Certificates

2 Director Identification Number

Drafting of MOA & AOA

Name approval





all inclusive fees

Our Premium package includes all the essentials to start the Private Limited Company.

2 Digital Signature Certificates

2 Director Identification Number

Drafting of MOA & AOA

Name approval




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