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ISO Certification

ISO Certification

ISO is non-government, independent international organization wherein 164 national standard bodies are members. ISO stands for International Standard Organisation. ISO has its headquartered at Geneva in Switzerland and was founded on February 23, 1947.

ISO is a certification given to the organization after reviewing the process and thorough audit as per the standards set by the International Standard Organisation.

An ISO certified company enjoys various benefits. Here are various type of ISO Certification. Filing Samadhan will assist you in choosing the right ISO for your business and obtaining them.

Following are the types of ISO Certificates are available for the specific class of persons:-

  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001): The ISO 9001 ensures the International Standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). The latest and most popular ISO 9001 type is ISO 9001:2015.


  • Foods Safety Management System (ISO 22000): ISO 22000 deals with the Foods Safety Management system. ISO 22000:2018 is the latest ISO which demonstrates the ability of the organisation to control food safety and to ensure that food is safe. ISO 22000:2018 can be taken by the organization irrespective of its size.


  • Information Security Management (ISO 27001):  The ISO 270001 certificate denotes the Information Security standards. The series is designed by ISO in association with International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 27002:2013 are most popular ISO certificate in the family of ISO 27000.


  •  Testing and Calibration Laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025): ISO 17025 is the standard which certified the global standards followed by testing and calibration laboratories.


  • Environmental Management (ISO 14001): ISO 14001 denotes the requirements by using which an organization enhance its environmental performance. Currently ISO 14001:2015 is the latest standard released by ISO.


  • Energy Management (ISO 50001): ISO 50001 supports organization to integrate energy management in their organization to improve quality and energy management. The latest standard released by ISO is ISO 50001:2018.


  • Social Responsibility (ISO 26000): ISO 26000 defines, how businesses and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way. ISO 26000 can be obtained by the organization irrespective of the size. ISO 26000:2010 is latest version released by ISO.


  • Risk management (ISO 31000): ISO 31000 describes how an organization minimizes its risk. ISO 31000:2018 is the latest version released by ISO and can be used by any organization irrespective of its size and sector.


  • Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001): ISO 45001 describes the requirement which helps the organization to reduce the Occupational Health and Safety.


  • Medical Devices (ISO 13485): ISO 13485 is the quality management system which describes the ability of the organization to provide medical equipment/ devices. ISO 13485:2016 is the latest version released by ISO


  • Anti Bribery Management System (ISO 37001): ISO describes the requirements and guidelines for implementing the Anti-Bribery Management System in an organization. ISO 37001:2016 is the latest version released by ISO


Some of the advantages are as under:-

  • Increase Creditability worldwide
  • Benefit in getting Government tenders
  • Improvement in product quality
  • Increase Business Efficiency
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction


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Document Required for ISO Certification

  •   Business Registration Proof
  •   Letter Head / Visiting Cards
  •   Sale / Purchase Invoices
  •   Scope of Business

Benefits of ISO Certification

Creates Brand of the Organisation

An ISO 9001:2015 stands for Quality Management Systems. It provides a guideline which enables the organisation to implement Quality Management Systems which improves the performance and enhance the Brand of the organisation.

Edges over Competitors

ISO provides edges over competitors who do not have accreditation.

International Recognition

ISO accreditation increases customer satisfaction and provides international recognition to the company

Customer Satisfaction

It provides a framework and principles for the organisation to ensure that the common sense approach for running a business in a consistent manner which enhances customer satisfaction.

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Filing Samadhan will assit you in getting right ISO Certification for your business.

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