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About Din Revival

There is a specific procedure to be followed to activate DIN and making the company active again. One can reactivate his DIN by following procedure:-

The procedure for the revival of companies is as follows:

Temporary DIN Activation: The DIN numbers of concerned directors were made inactive. However, to avail the benefit of the scheme, the DIN of those directors shall be activated temporarily during the validity of the scheme.

Prepare all balance sheet & Annual filing forms: The second step under this process is to prepare all the required documents that were needed to be filed. 

Audit & filing with Chartered Accountant: Once the documents are prepared, the next step is to get them audited with a chartered accountant and file the same with the Registrar of Companies.

Seek Condonation of delay: The defaulting company shall seek Condonation of delay by filing an online form.

After filing the Condonation application, the next step is to follow up with the Registrar of Companies. After the proper follow-up, the application shall be approved, DIN and company shall be made active again.

Filing Samadhan will assist you to reactivate your Director Identification Number (DIN). For more information, talk to our advisors.

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